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We are constantly exploring; examining new perspectives... to look beyond current thinking and standard industry practices and improve, adapt, and raise the bar for our clients and our profession. Once a quarter, we curate a special edition ‘Collective Perspective’ newsletter.

The Olive Grove: Feature Item

The Sterling Report (April '19) Executive Transitions: Six Avoidable Paths to Failure

In our first edition, we get right to the heart of the matter of possibly the most important cycle that will very soon pre-occupy nonprofit Boards. An unprecendented percentage of nonprofit CEOs are likely to retire within the next five years. Simply hiring a new CEO is a fraction of what is needed to ensure your organization thrives during the transition time and beyond.



The Olive Grove: Feature Item

One-on-One Executive Consult with Emily – Complimentary Session!

Each month, Emily offers two one-hour Executive Consult opportunities to industry professionals seeking advice on a range of professional topics.  Whether you are seeking advice on your next upcoming project, or working through a substantial challenge at the office, we welcome you to contact us.

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